Food is bigger than God

250px-Peace_sign.svg[1]Food’s even bigger than Sex, although not quite up with Love. These are in Google hits. Speaking of which, Google is only half Facebook, with Twitter in between.

In billions, I didn’t find anything bigger than Facebook 15.06 with Love at 4.96, Food 3.24, Sex 1.61 and God 1.47.

Restaurant 1.58 is even bigger than God.

Water at 2.78 beats Coffee 1.03 beats Wine 0.76, on top of Beer 0.51 and Coke 0.10.

Menu is almost up with Food, but that might be helped by digital terms generally doing better than both food and religion. App scores 3.06 and Christian 1.22. Jesus remains bigger than the Beatles.

Appearing to be twice as popular as Climate Change, Kardashian beats Coal and also Pope Francis. War trumps Peace. Last on my list is Big Mac

I thank my old friend Paul for drawing my attention to Food beating God.

Facebook 15,060,000,000
Twitter 11,860,000,000
Google 7,030,000,000
Love 4,960,000,000
Food 3,240,000,000
App 3,060,000,000

Menu 3,030,000,000
Water 2,780,000,000
Computer 2,380,000,000JohnLennonpeace[1]

China 2,160,000,000
War 2,000,000,000

Sex 1,610,000,000
Restaurant 1,580,000,000
God 1,470,000,000
Tweet 1,370,000,000
Christian 1,220,000,000
Coffee 1,030,000,000
Wine 764,000,000
Peace 730,000,000

Religion 689,000,000

Jesus 627,000,000
Cooking 563,000,000
Beer 509,000,000
Obama 485,000,000
Meal 337,000,000
Muslim 301,000,000
ISIS 210,000,000
Kardashian 203,000,000
Coal 175,000,000
Tomato 135,000,000

Beatles 113,000,000
Climate change 101,000,000
Coke 101,000,000

Pope Francis 95,800,000
John Lennon 61,100,000
Big Mac 9,030,000


One thought on “Food is bigger than God

  1. It has been my long-held belief that almost everything in life apart from food can be summed up in terms of what we do between meals



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