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SV300331 (2)COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS will publish my next book, Meals Matter: A Radical Economics through Gastronomy, early in 2020.

When that happens, the new cover can replace my first, which appeared in 1982.

That original work was inspired by living for a year in a former watermill down an ancient Roman road near Radda-in-Chianti in Italy. The contrast with eating in my own country, Australia, was so intriguing, important and revelatory that I’ve been doing gastronomy ever since. Here is a list of my books.

Gastronomy is the diner’s sense of the world, and Meals Matter, the blog, provides a focus, bringing together books, ideas, debates, news and observations.

WSV300328 (2)hy do human beings cook? Who are our gastronomic heroes – that’s beyond Epicurus, Thomas Jefferson, Brillat-Savarin and M.F.K. Fisher? What’s the origin of the flat white? So many questions … while grateful for good food and company.

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