My new book: A radical economics

ACCOMPANYING Marion for a few academic weeks in Hannover, Germany, I have just sent off the final revisions to a manuscript that’s kept me busy for many years, being something of a magnum opus, well, that’s my story.

Snap at Max Walloschke
At Max Walloschke restaurant, Hannover

More later, but the title is Meals Matter: A Radical Economics through Gastronomy.

Columbia University Press brings it out in “Spring 2020”, which means (for readers outside such latitudes) in the first half of the year.

Many writers accept that mainstream economics needs replacing.

This book identifies the root cause of the problem, and explains what needs to be done, through Brillat-Savarin’s unduly neglected science of gastronomy.

Max postcard
Max Walloschke retired from wrestling and opened a Gaststätte in 1952

6 thoughts on “My new book: A radical economics

  1. Congratulations dear Michael – fantastic news! I’ve just finished reading Dark Emu which I loved, and which is heading in a similar direction, though of course very different. And good timing for your book as the (horrible) UN report on agriculture came out this week.


  2. Dear Michael,

    I’m so excited.
    Meals matter!

    Congratulations my friend.
    I look forward to reading the entire script this time.



  3. Congratulations! That’s a great title. Looking forward to seeing the final product in the first half of 2020.


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